Rod Smallwood, the manager of Iron Maiden, and Alexander Milas, the Editor-In-Chief of Metal Hammer, invite you to join them and their guests for three days of heaven and hell from June 11-13, 2014, from London to the Download Festival



So we're now underway for our historic ride up to Castle Donington and Download Festival in the name of metal! If you want to follow our progress come find us over on Twitter, on @hmtruants and if you want to donate, DO IT NOW!

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Joe Elliott has gotten behind us, and is asking all of his fans to do the same! No, he won't be riding given his current touring commitments, but that doesn't mean he can't support kids in need, and you can too! Read The Article

Heavy Metal Truants in the news!

WHeavy Metal Truants in the news!

Dave Silver of Savage Messiah recently appeared on Channel 4, wearing a Heavy Metal Truants shirt no less! A huge round of applause to him for helping us get the word out, and you can join him on the crusade to Donington on June 11 - that's right, it isn't too late to sign up

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We're rapidly growing this year's motley crew, but there's still plenty of time to sing up and get on yer bikes! Check out our updated Rider Gallery section, and Sign Up here! That's not all - we've had a huge groundswell of support from a host of companies, a massive thanks to TeamRock, Holland & Knight, Phantom Music, R&K Enterprises, Raw Power Management, Anderson & Pennington, The Agency Group, Sony Music, Warner Music, OJK Ltd, 13 Artists, Sheridans, and BMG. If you'd like to get in touch about sponsorship, please email


It was one of the biggest success stories in the metal calendar last year, and for 2014 it’s back and bigger than ever. Once again, Heavy Metal Truants will be strapping up and getting down to the business of a 161-mile charity bike ride from London’s Alexandra Palace, all the way to Donington for Download Festival 2014 – and you can be part of it!

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